Informing -on- Sexuality after Illness And Disability


Is run by two psychosexual therapists with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, yet much in common.



Michelle Donald is a psychosexual therapist with a great deal of relationship therapy experience and a special interest in disability, especially people with Spinal Cord Injuries (due to her own SCI).

Michelle strives to improve the experience of disabled adults and their partners.




Sue Ronaldson is a specialist cancer nurse of some 25 years and her interest in Psychosexual Therapy came from an awareness that cancer rehabilitation has neglected sexuality and sexual rehabilitation for many years. Sadly this is true across many health and social care environments generally..

Michelle and Sue want all that to change and so i-said was born and now delivers high quality training around sexuality and relationships, illness, disability and carer support to relevant groups and institutions across the uk.

Both are Relate Trained, with Post Graduate diplomas in psychosexual therapy and are members of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists. (COSRT).


Training with i-said.

Training with i-said can be in a number of formats and for any number of staff.  From 1 hour lectures to full day workshops, we will be delighted to discuss your needs.  From how to start 'the conversation', to clients rights, from anatomy and physiology to problem solving, from 'no service' to a robust service delivered by confident and competent staff.  We can help you.

Further to this we can offer help with coordination and collaboration during protocol development for organisations and institutions.

Please take a closer look to see how we can help you or drop us an email.  We'd be pleased to hear from you.